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Pippa�s Health Centre, cares about your whole being; not just about what�s on the outside but also about what's going on inside. Therefore, we refrain from the use of chemical cleaning or air freshening agents. We only use natural essential oil aroma therapeutic agents. So at Pippa�s Health Centre you are actually breathing in aroma therapy scents that help to detoxify your body whilst you are working out. Aroma therapy not only helps detoxify but also stabilizes the mind and revitalises your energy centres. We also offer Shiatsu massage that can further enhance the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. We are not just a physical being but also a thinking, emotional complex being, and when there is no harmony/balance amongst the mind, body and spirit, our whole being becomes susceptible to illness and dis ease. Visit us and experience the difference; as Fitness Experts who have been excelling for the past 22 years, we will show you the true meaning of being HEALTHY.

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